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Subterranean Landscapes

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Joshua Alexander Kochis grew up in the suburban forests of Southeast Michigan. He has always had busy hands. He received his BFA from the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design at the

University of Michigan in 2015, where he focused in painting, sculpture, printmaking,

installation, and creative writing. He is inspired by the forms and textures of nature and

can often be found wandering in the woods, climbing trees and digging things up from

the ground. His practice is focused on creating images, objects, and installations in collaboration with the natural world. Joshua is currently living and working in Detroit, MI.

JAK VISTA puts trees back together. Makes forest where there was concrete where there was forest before that. Brings nature inside. Moves dirt around, chews grass and gets dusty. Digs holes to plant sculptures where they will stay awhile. Takes pictures of small horizons and makes whole vistas out of them. Really looks around hard. Wants to leave something good outside. Can’t identify many plants but tries anyway. Climbs things and wonders about our role as natural beings in a mediated landscape.

Bio: About Me
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